ApplicantStack Releases API for Developers

ApplicantStack has released its Application Programming Interface (API) for Developers, which provides a way to build easy and secure integrations between ApplicantStack and other third-party and / or corporate systems.   The ApplicantStack API will give your IT group the tool it needs to integrate your ApplicantStack account with your corporate payroll system or HRIS.  The API uses a REST interface with JSON as the input and output and can be accessed using GET commands to read data and PUT commands to update it.  For more information on how to use the API see our knowledge base article here.

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System Updates to support new OFCCP Requirements

ApplicantStack has added the ability for all government contractors and subcontractors to document and collect quantitative information on the number of veterans who apply to their job postings according to the new OFCCP Veteran regulations effective on March 24, 2014.  Government Contractors can now customize the veteran portion of the default ApplicantStack EEO form found under Settings in their account.


Government Contractors can add additional Veteran Status Options with definitions.  See the sample choices below.




Integration with

New Free Job Posting Site Available

ApplicantStack now offers free integration with free job posting site If you post your jobs to, then you will automatically post to Glassdoor and need do nothing on your end. If an applicant submits an application for a job that was posted from, his/her source will automatically set itself to Glassdoor.


Email Delay Feature

Email Delay feature.

ApplicantStack now features the capability to delay an email from 1 to 7 days after its creation.  You now have the capability to set a delay on an email that is created under the options Email Candidate and Forward to User.  You may also set this delay on any emails generated during a stage change through the stage change dialog or by putting a delay in any of the email templates in the library.  Once you have delayed the email, you can view it in the candidate’s History Tab.  From the candidate’s History Tab you can see when the delayed email will send.  You can also elect to send the email now or delete it.


Confirming a Stage Change

Have you ever changed an applicant’s stage by mistake?  Did you want to make a simple notation as to why an applicant’s stage was changed but you needed an easier way to do it?  Or maybe you didn’t want a particular email to be sent when changing this particular applicant’s stage but it sent one anyway?

The team at ApplicantStack has added a highly configurable Stage Confirmation to help you improve your organization’s workflow.  You can elect to turn this feature on or leave it off.  Once turned on, you are in control of the options that you want to allow when a stage is changed.  You can decide if you want to allow or stop an automatic email from being triggered, whether you want leave a note about an applicant’s stage change, or whether you want to set a variety of application fields that you determine.

The options that are available to you and your team when an applicant changes stages are:

  1. The ability to enable a Stage Change dialog to appear prompting the user to confirm that they do indeed want to change the applicant’s stage.
  2. Allow notes to be entered about an applicant’s stage change (requires use of the Stage Change Dialog above).
  3. HavHAllow email changes, which allow a user to stop triggered emails from being sent, or send additional emails when the stage change completes.
  4. Allow users to stop notifications to other users from being sent or send notifications to additional users.
  5. The ability to set application fields on a per stage basis that can be altered by the user as needed or required by the stage (the stage “Do Not Pursue” can require a disposition reason for example).

To access this feature, click “Setup” in the top right of the screen, and then go to “Settings” on the left side menu.  To turn stage confirmations on, click Edit Settings on the right side menu and then select the options you want to turn on or leave off.   Once the Stage Confirmation has been enabled, you can select other options to enable during a stage change from the Application Workflow Stages.


Context in Keyword Search Results

Many of you are familiar with our search feature.  This feature can be used to search for candidates based on multiple criteria including searching for specific keywords inside of the candidate’s resume and / or cover letter.  Until recently when you did a keyword search, the search would return all applicants that had used the keyword in their resumes and / or cover letters, but did not inform you in what context that keyword was used or whether the keyword was contained in the resume or cover letter.  Many of you indicated that you would need to see how and where the word was used, so we listened to your suggestions and changed how ApplicantStack returned keyword search results.  You are now able to see the context of the keywords as well as the source in your search results.


In the example above, we decided to search for applicants that had resumes and / or cover letters that contained the word Excel.  Now our search results show us the source and context that the keyword Excel was used, which is highlighted in yellow.  In this particular case, Excel was used in the resume.


Two New Enhancements for ApplicantStack.

Today we want to announce two new enhancements for ApplicantStack.

We’ve made an enhancement to our Email Template feature.  We’ve always had mail  merge codes available for you to customize your Email Templates.  Previously you had to print a copy of this list from our support portal, but now you have access to them as you customize your Email Template.  Simply click the “Show Mail Merge Codes” at the bottom of the email message text editor and the code will insert at your current cursor position.  You can also add these merge codes to the subject of the email as well by typing the code in the subject line.  To access your templates, click the Library Tab, then click the Email button on the left menu.

Also we have made changes to our pricing structure for Premium Placement on SimplyHired.  Based on customer feedback, customers were not interested in the partner network, therefore we changed the SimplyHired premium posting offering from $175 for 30-days premium placement on SimplyHired plus their partner network, to $65 for 30-days premium placement on SimplyHired without the partner network.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates to our product as well.


Sometimes It’s Not “What” You Know, But “Who” You Know!

As I review open jobs in this tough economy, they seem to be more specialized and require narrower experience and education, making identifying and hiring qualified talent even more difficult. As part of a Talent Acquisition team, Human resource Department or Staffing Firm, we recruiters need to start doing a better job of leveraging our hiring managers’ networks and contacts as well as our own.

As we create a profile and build connections on Social Network Sites, we need to be sure we are connected with all of our hiring managers, so we also become instantly connected to their networks. We need to encourage hiring managers who don’t have profiles on social media sites or don’t have expansive networks to start building them. We can show them how to do it in a one hour webinar and illustrate the value of these networks – not only for hiring, but also for sharing best practices, asking for advice and getting ideas.

When a job comes open, are you utilizing your network and your manager’s network to advertise the position?  Just think about how many people you can target if you personally have 100 connections and your connections each have 50 plus connections. As an added bonus, these network audiences are probably more targeted since they are usually professionals we have worked with or for in a similar industry. This is a great way to identify passive qualified candidates as well! If the individuals in these networks aren’t interested, they may pass the posting along to someone who might be.

Hopefully, your applicant tracking system, if you have one, can simplify posting your open positions to your social media sites likes Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The jobs typically post as a status update on your site and you can reach thousands of contacts at the same time for free! We are receiving very positive feedback from our ApplicantStack customers who are utilizing this free benefit available in our software!

Another suggestion, if you have the resources available, is to start cold calling and reaching out to these connections. If you’ve never done it – or thought you’d never have to do it – now’s the time to start. It’s a lot easier than you think and can be met with great success. Write yourself a 30 second elevator speech, practice on some co-workers, and start making calls to those connections (passive candidates). The script is helpful to make sure you are saying the right things and asking the right questions.

We also need to remember, that the Generation “what-evers” that we will probably end up hiring use social networking on a regular basis. They grew up in the social media and technology age and it has become part of their culture. In fact, they probably seldom read newspapers or trade journals anymore because they can find all of the information they need on the web. This is a great topic for another blog……so look for more information on this topic coming soon!

Do you have a social networking success you would like to share?


The Importance of Agility in Staffing

The nature of the global workforce has rapidly changed.  The idea of getting a job from one company, working their for 30 years, and then retiring is long gone.  Companies need to scale their workforce up and down in order to stay competitive and job seekers have to be more flexible and mobile as well.

This has placed a premium on the need for companies to increase their agility in staffing.  Companies need to source, screen, select and on-board the right talent at an accelerated pace.  If they take too long or fill positions with the wrong type of talent, it can directly impact their competitiveness.

According to an Intelligence Report from the American Staffing Association,

The number of people working at a company, their skill sets, their cumulative cost to the company, and their ambition and motivation all combine to create the single most important variable in the success or failure of any enterprise: the staff.  A company that can get the right people in the right positions at the right time and at
the right price has a tremendous advantage over less astute competitors.

In response to the need for speed and agility, companies are increasing their adoption of Applicant Tracking Systems even during a slow economy.

Bersin & Associates says in a recent posting that the Applicant Tracking Systems market (ATS) grew by 11% to nearly $1 Billion as of April 2011.  Reasons for the significant growth are that companies need to move quickly and they cannot keep pace if they either have no technology at all or if they have out-of-date ATS software.




“The Fish that Got Away”—Is your employment application process keeping people on the line?

As recruiters, we hire all types of individuals from entry level to executives, interns to experienced professionals, internal employees and external applicants, and fulltime to temporary workers.  How do we capture the appropriate information that will assist us to make an informed decision for each type of hire?  In most cases everyone who applies completes a standard employment application that has been written and approved by Human Resources.  But do the questions on our employment application take into consideration that the new graduate looking for their first professional job has no or very little relevant work experience?  Do we really need all of that information for a temporary worker who will leave us after completing a three week mailing project or is filling in for someone who is on vacation?  Is it necessary for your current employees, interested in advancing their career, to complete an entire application all over again?  Is that five page application always necessary and appropriate for everyone?

The application experience for potential hires can often attract or repel your prospects.  As they begin your employment process, they are excited they have found an opportunity that they can relate to or feel qualified for.  Do you know how many applicants take the bait and run or stay on the line?  If your process doesn’t feel right or comfortable, they may make the decision to exit and apply with one of your competitors.

My experience as a recruiter tells me that the recent college grad would like me to know what leadership roles they had in school organizations or what interesting school projects they completed.  The intern might want to tell me what they would expect to learn by interning with my organization and what skills they might bring from their educational experience.  The front desk receptionist applicant wants me to know about their customer service skills and what telephone systems they have used.  So after I collect the necessary contact, education and employment information, adding additional application questions that are directly related to the job is a great way to ensure they complete your application and feel like you have a real interest.

The ability to create these online questions can be very powerful and useful.  The applicant will have an opportunity to tell you why they are a good fit for the job and you will have better information to evaluate.  An added bonus is the ability to score the answers to your questions to more quickly narrow down your applicant pool and focus on the prospects who best match your needs.

If your applicant tracking system doesn’t give you the flexibility to create questions specific to particular jobs, you may have many “fish tales” to tell.