Confirming a Stage Change

Have you ever changed an applicant’s stage by mistake?  Did you want to make a simple notation as to why an applicant’s stage was changed but you needed an easier way to do it?  Or maybe you didn’t want a particular email to be sent when changing this particular applicant’s stage but it sent one anyway?

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The team at ApplicantStack has added a highly configurable Stage Confirmation to help you improve your organization’s workflow.  You can elect to turn this feature on or leave it off.  Once turned on, you are in control of the options that you want to allow when a stage is changed.  You can decide if you want to allow or stop an automatic email from being triggered, whether you want leave a note about an applicant’s stage change, or whether you want to set a variety of application fields that you determine.

The options that are available to you and your team when an applicant changes stages are:

  1. The ability to enable a Stage Change dialog to appear prompting the user to confirm that they do indeed want to change the applicant’s stage.
  2. Allow notes to be entered about an applicant’s stage change (requires use of the Stage Change Dialog above).
  3. HavHAllow email changes, which allow a user to stop triggered emails from being sent, or send additional emails when the stage change completes.
  4. Allow users to stop notifications to other users from being sent or send notifications to additional users.
  5. The ability to set application fields on a per stage basis that can be altered by the user as needed or required by the stage (the stage “Do Not Pursue” can require a disposition reason for example).

To access this feature, click “Setup” in the top right of the screen, and then go to “Settings” on the left side menu.  To turn stage confirmations on, click Edit Settings on the right side menu and then select the options you want to turn on or leave off.   Once the Stage Confirmation has been enabled, you can select other options to enable during a stage change from the Application Workflow Stages.


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