Context in Keyword Search Results

Many of you are familiar with our search feature.  This feature can be used to search for candidates based on multiple criteria including searching for specific keywords inside of the candidate’s resume and / or cover letter.  Until recently when you did a keyword search, the search would return all applicants that had used the keyword in their resumes and / or cover letters, but did not inform you in what context that keyword was used or whether the keyword was contained in the resume or cover letter.  Many of you indicated that you would need to see how and where the word was used, so we listened to your suggestions and changed how ApplicantStack returned keyword search results.  You are now able to see the context of the keywords as well as the source in your search results.

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In the example above, we decided to search for applicants that had resumes and / or cover letters that contained the word Excel.  Now our search results show us the source and context that the keyword Excel was used, which is highlighted in yellow.  In this particular case, Excel was used in the resume.


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